Fundamentals of Zoo Animal Training Workshops - Oct 25-27 (SOLD OUT) We are looking into dates for 2017
October 25-27 event is SOLD OUT! We are looking into setting up another event for 2017.

Please contact Angelica Åsberg to be on the waiting for the next event.

Science based training technology has improved animal welfare, enhanced guest experiences, simplified husbandry procedures, addressed behavior problems, provided enriching opportunities, facilitated ground breaking research and contributed to conservation success.  It is no surprise that zoos around the world are seeing the benefits of developing staff members’ practical application skills as well as their understanding of the learning theory behind animal training.  The development of skilled trainers has led to innovations in species being trained, behaviors attained and technology being developed. This workshop will explore the basic foundations of zoo animal training for professionals looking to get started, as well as exciting advancements and opportunities for established training programs.  Join us and learn how this rapidly developing scientifically based aspect of animal care is impacting the zoological profession for the better.

What to Expect From This Workshop........

Most Progressive Information!
Animal training is an applied technology. Its foundation is rooted in the principles of behavior analysis. Understanding these principles of learning theory can be an important component of successful behavior modification, however true behavior change is the result of practical application. Knowing the principles versus applying the technology are two very different skill sets.  Animal trainers utilize a variety of specific tools, strategies and techniques to create a situation in which an animal will successfully learn to present a designated behavior. This workshop will help you understand the learning theory and practical application process involved in the successful application of behavior change technology to create desired behaviors. With extra emphasis on the most progressive approach to animal training and intricate details that make a difference in practical application, this workshop is a must for forward thinking caregivers working in professional settings with exotic animals.

Live Animal Training Demos!
See learning theory and practical application in action with live training demonstrations with animals of the host facility. These may include elephant training (in protected contact),  giraffe, red panda, white rhino, big cats and ostrich. Learn how to analyze a training session, identify behavioral goals and practical application process for attaining those goals. Also included in lectures are extensive video examples. You will leave feeling inspired, motivated and full of ideas to facilitate achieving your training goals.

Hands On Training Opportunities!
Practice what you learn with animals from host facilities collections. You will receive expert guidance and feedback to help you fine tune your practical application skills working with domestic species and some exotic species on site. Hands on opportunities are designed to allow you to fine tune your skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Internationally Recognized Instructor
Barbara Heidenreich has been a professional in the field of animal training since 1990.   She provides consulting services to zoos, nature centers and other animal facilities. She lectures regularly to the veterinary community. She is an adjunct instructor at Texas A & M University, Veterinary Medicine and Biological Sciences. In her career she has trained animals, trained staff, lectured and/or presented shows at over 50 animal facilities around the world. Barbara teaches learning theory as described by the science of behavior analysis. She is also passionate about teaching excellent animal training practical application skills. Barbara is thrilled to have had the opportunity to train thousands of animals, from rabbits to rhinos. This hands-on practice with so many different individual animals has been invaluable to helping her provide caregivers the tools they need to solve behavior problems and have a great relationship with the animals in their lives based on trust. Her goal is to leave behind a legacy of kindness to animals by sharing her expertise.To learn more, click here.

Great Location

October 25-27, 2016
Borås, Sweden
Hosted by Borås Djurpark

Day One: Optional free day at the zoo, followed by evening icebreaker
Day Two: Lecture, Demos and Hands On Training
Day Three: Lecture, Demos and Hands On Training

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